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SellFy is a simple platform to sell and distribute digital content and makes the customer experience easier than ever before.

1. Navigate to the product you want to purchase.
2. Press the "Buy Now" button under the preview image.
3. Press the "BUY NOW" button in the newly opened popup window.
4. Complete the payment.
5. Wait for the email sent by SellFy containing the download link for your purchase.
6. Enjoy.

Do i need account to purchase products ?

No! You don't need to sign up in SellFy or this store in order to make a purchase. Registration is optional after payment. If you choose to sign up in SellFy, later on you will be able to view your purchase history.

How do i get my product ?

After each purchase Sellfy sends the customer an email with a unique download link that is valid only for 5 download attempts.

What happens if i lose the files and my links are already inactive ?

Contact us via the contact form, make sure you enter the email address you used to purchase the item and your full name. We will send you a new downlaod link.

What payment methods do we support ?

For now you can pay via PayPal or Credit Card.